Beauty Tips

Hydration is the key to an amazing makeup application. The skin needs hydration to keep your skin moisturize underneath the makeup application.

Here are some steps to help you stay hydrated and get a beautiful application.

  • Drink Water 64 oz.

  • Wash face morning and night

  • Exfoliate every two days

  • Moisturize daily

  • Use sunscreen to protect skin from damaging.

  • Use hats or sunglasses

These tips will help you achieve your beauty goals and getting the best application for the best result.

Using these tips will help with :

  • Reduce pores

  • Removed died skin

  • Face stays clean day and night

  • Reduced clogged pores

  • Helps foundation lay properly on the skin

  • No more dry patches

  • Reduce wrinkles

  • Damaged skin

M.B.C.G.Cosmetics will be post more tips about skincare and future products.