Beauty Babes Dallas

Brianna from Irving, TX 

"Being a Beauty Babe For Corina G. Cosmetics is an honor! This brand reflects unity, hard work and slayage! I am excited to be the first to educate on the usage, quality and benefits of each product! This brand is cruelty free and highly recommended to everyone" -Brianna

'As a Beauty Babe I believe that beauty has many forms and that the most beautiful thing is confindence and loving yourself. It has been one of the most amazing experiences for me because not only am I'm doing what I love in the beauty industry but I am also helping build an empire of successful women by representing an amazing cruelty free upcoming brand; Makep By Corina G.Cosmetics" - Karla

Karla from Dallas,TX

Makeup By Corina G. LLC Company

"As a Beauty Babe for Corina G. Cosmetics, I am able to educate individuals on this high quality brand that is created to embrace every person. Being a beauty influencer allows me to empower young women and men who share the same passion for cosmetics as me." -Hailley

Hailley from Arlington, TX 
Natalie from Dallas,TX

"Being one of the Beauty Babes is so exciting! I've worked in the beauty industry for a long time and used every brand under the sun, and I can honestly sit here and tell you Makeup By Corina a high quailty brand! She really took her time perfected these formulas! This paraben free, fragrance free, all natrual brand, is a brand you can trust. I'm so honored to have been the first try it! I have fallen in love with it and I know all who try it, will too." -Natalie

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